Enagement sessions

Congrats! Your here because you have booked your engagement session and things are moving along and getting that much closer to your wedding day! We wanted to put together some tips to make sure your photos are as good as they can be. Below are some tips the help with that. If you need help deciding on an outfit even after reading over this and going through all of our recourses, we can help! We are here to make you look good and if we just shrug a shoulder at what you’re wearing, then we aren’t doing our job! We love to work with couples to make sure their photos are great. We tried to simplify everything as much as possible but if any questions come up, just ask!

Outfit tips

  1. Have multiple outfits - Most couples bring two outfits. This give you the chance to have a casual outfit that best resembles you both as a couple as well as express your personalities, and have a nice ‘dressy’ outfit for the more formal look.

  2. Coordinate, don’t match - matching is a big mistake when choosing an outfit. This makes a photo look very staged and can lead to an unauthentic feel. Too many patterns can also be a distraction to the eye and can really pull from the emotion in the photo. For example.. If she is wearing a floral dress and he is wearing a plaid shirt.. 1) it is a lot to process when observing and 2) those patterns will clash very poorly

  3. Coordinate colors to your wedding day - Wedding colors are Navy and wine? Wear a wine colored dress and a navy collared shirt. This isn’t as much of a tip as it is a cool idea! Something intentional and thought out can add to the authenticity of a photo.

  4. Make sure your formal attire is equally planned.. If the bride is wearing a formal dress and hair is all done up but the groom is wearing a polo and ball cap, it will clash! Be equally as formal, no matter what you’re wearing.

  5. ‘Moire’ is always a no. Moire is a texture with very fine lines and patterns.. This will mess with your eyes and give off a 3D vibe in the final picture.

  6. Accessories are a must! Don’t go overboard but have fun! Earrings, necklaces, watches, belts; if it emphasizes your personality, rep it! 

  7. Wear clothes that help your look.. What do we mean by this? Certain colors will make you look pale, and other will make you look more tan.. Wear something that makes you feel confident! if you feel uncomfortable in tight fitted clothes, loose fitting is the way to go. This way you won’t obviously be uncomfortable in your photos!

  8. Go pets? Bring them! We love and encourage including your fur babies. If you decide to bring a pet. Make sure you bring treats, a leash, and a handler, someone who works well with them. That way we can focus on just you two and we will have someone to watch them.

  9. Don’t be ashamed to use Pinterest! ( I mean who doesn’t go on and just scroll for hours?) Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration and can really help!